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QTP - What are the shortcut keys in QTP?

asked marvit August 30, 2014 03:08 AM  

What are the shortcut keys in QTP?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  

F1 – For Help Documents

CTRL+N –Opening new test in QTP

CTRL+O –To open Existing test in QTP

CTRL+S –To save the test

CTRL+M –Comment selected line/Block

CTRL+SHIFT+M –Uncomment selected line/Block

ALT +G –To Navigate to Function Definition

F7 -Open Step Generator

F3- Record

F4 –Stop Recording

F5 –Run complete step

F11 –Step by step run

CTRL+F5 –Run From Step

CTRL+F10 –Run To Step

SHIFT+ALT+F3 –Analog recording (During normal recording)

CTRl+SHIFT+F3 –Low level recording (During normal recording)

CTRL+T –Add to watch (Normal mode+ Run mode)

F9 -Insert Breakpoint

F9 -Remove Breakpoint after insert

CTRL+F9 –Enable/Disable Breakpoints

CTRL+SHIFT+F9 –Clear All Breakpoints

CTRL+F7 –To Check Syntax

CTRL+SHIFT+N –Opening new Business component

CRTL+ALT+N-Opening New Application Area

SHIFT+ALT+N-Opening New Function Library

CTRL+SHIFT+O -To Open Existing Business component

CRTL+ALT+N- To Open Existing Application Area

SHIFT+ALT+N- To Open Existing Function Library

CTRL+ALT+S-Exporting Zip to Text File

CTRL+ALT+M –Import text from Zip File

CTRL+P –To print the selected Page

CTRL +Z –Undo the Text

CTRL+Y –Redo the text

CTRL+X- Cut the selected text

CTRL+C –Copy the selected text

CTRL+V –Paste the text which was cut using CTRL+X

SHIFT+F2 –To rename the Actions

CTRL+ENTER; ALT+ENTER –To find Object Properties under Step Properties

CTRL+F –Find the text

CTRL+H –Replace the Text

CTRL +G –Go to

CTRL+B –To Book mark it

ALT +G –To Navigate to Function Definition

CTRL+SPACE –To complete the word

CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE –To know the argument info

CTRL+W – APPLY With to script

CTRL+SHIFT+W –Remove Applied with from the script

F12- Insert Standard Checkpoint

ALT+F12 –For Existing Checkpoints

CTRL+F12 –Standard Output value

SHIFT+ALT+F12 – For Existing Output value

F8; Insert -New Step

SHIFT+F8 -New Step after block

CTRL+R –Open Object Repository

F11 -Step into

F10 –Step Over

SHIFT+F11 –Step Out

CTRL+SHIFT+T – .Net Windows Forms Spy

PAUSE – To Pause the test.
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