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QTP - What is mercury clipboard in qtp? Where we can get this in qtp tool ?

asked marvit August 21, 2014 06:15 AM  

What is mercury clipboard in qtp? Where we can get this in qtp tool ?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  
mercury.clipboard" is method to create a clipboard
object. and use to copy and paste the text.

The below Example will copy the text from PDF file to
notepad file:

note : the given files paths are in my local system. Please
give paths in ur local system.

Set clipboard = createobject("mercury.clipboard")

'Give notepad file path according to ur local system path.

filepath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Madhu
for_reading = 1
for_appending = 8

'Please Open any pdf file in ur system. at the time of
running it should be opened and in maximize.

Window("Adobe Reader").WinMenu("Menu").Select "Edit;<Item 8>"
Window("Adobe Reader").WinMenu("Menu").Select "Edit;<Item 4>"

Set fso = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")

Set notepad = fso.createtextfile(filepath,for_appending)

nanda = clipboard.gettext
notepad.write nanda


Set notepad = fso.opentextfile(filepath,for_reading)

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