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QTP - What is the difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 9.1?

asked marvit August 19, 2014 12:31 AM  

What is the difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 9.1?


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QuickTest Professional 9.1
from Help > What's New

New features:
- Navigate and Learn:
Enables you to add multiple test objects to a shared object repository while navigating through your application.
- Object Repository Comparison Tool:
Enables you to compare two shared object repositories and view the differences in their objects.
- Object Repository Automation:
Enables you to control object repositories through automation, for example:
-> add, remove, and rename test objects;
-> import from and export to XML;
-> retrieve and copy test objects;
-> and so forth.
- New Environment Support:
QuickTest Professional 9.1 supports the following new infrastructure software, operating system, and Web browser versions:
-> QuickTest now runs under Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. If it is not currently installed on the computer on which you are installing QuickTest, -> Setup prompts you to install it before continuing the installation. On-screen instructions are provided.
-> QuickTest now provides Beta-level support for Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2—build 5384.
-> QuickTest now provides Beta-level support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 3. For more information about working with the Web add-in, see Testing Web Objects.
-> QuickTest now provides Alpha-level support for Bon Echo version 2.0a3 (Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha).

- Single License Mechanism:
A single license now covers the use of QuickTest and all QuickTest add-ins.
- Newly Integrated Tools:
The QuickTest Script Editor and Business Component Upgrade Tool are now installed as part of the main QuickTest installation.

QuickTest Professional 9.0
from Help > What's New

New Features:
- Improved Test Object Management:
-> Object Repository Manager
-> Object Repository Merge Tool
-> Multiple Object Repositories per Action or Component
-> XML Object Repository Format
- New Function Library Editor and Resource Handling Capabilities
-> Function Library Editor
-> Handling Missing Actions and Resources
- Improved Business Process Testing for QuickTest Professional
-> New Look and Functionality for Application Areas
-> Manual Step Support for Business Components
-> New QuickTest Professional for Business Process Testing User's Guide
- New Supported Operating System and Browser Versions
-> New Supported Operating System Versions: Windows 2000—Service Pack 4, Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP 32-Bit Edition—Service Pack 2, Windows XP 64-Bit Edition—Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2003 32-Bit Edition—Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-Bit x86)
-> New Supported Browsers and Browser Versions. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Netscape Browser 8, and Mozilla Firefox 1.5DD End Marker

- User Interface Enhancements
-> New Look and Feel for the QuickTest Window.
Enables you to easily modify the elements of the QuickTest window to suit your needs.
-> Improved Menus and Toolbars.
Provides more intuitive access to QuickTest commands and options.
-> Keyword View Enhancements.
Includes a variety of enhancements, making the Keyword View easier to use, more flexible, and customizable.
-> Improved License Wizard for Specifying a Concurrent License Server.
Makes it easier to specify or change the concurrent license server you want to use.

- Functionality Enhancements
-> New and Enhanced Expert View and Function Library Editor Options.
Enables you to check for syntax errors and format your testing document for easier reading and maintenance.
-> Action Parameter Enhancement.
Enables you to use action parameters to pass values between sibling actions.
-> Debugging Enhancements.
Provides new debug run options to enable you to run just a part of your test or component.
-> Added Control of the Object Repository from Run Session and QuickTest Automation Scripts.
Provides new objects that enable you to set or retrieve object repository parameter values and to control the object repositories associated with actions.
-> Checkpoint and Output Value Renaming Capabilities.
Enables you to rename checkpoints and output values.
-> Test Results Enhancements.
Enables you to export run results to an HTML file and to modify the theme of the Test Results window.
-> New Authentication Mechanism for Connecting to Quality Center.
Enables users to view and log on only to the projects for which they have access permissions.
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