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QTP - What is the use of VIRTUAL OBJECTS? explain ?

asked marvit August 13, 2014 05:53 AM  

What is the use of VIRTUAL OBJECTS? explain ?


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answered By Dharma   0  

Virtual object enable you to create and run tests on objects that are not normally recognized by QuickTest. Your application may contain objects that behave like standard objects but are not recognized by QuickTest. You can define these objects as virtual objects and map them to standard classes, such as a button or a check box. QuickTest emulates the user's action on the virtual object during the run session. In the test results, the virtual object is displayed as though it is a standard class object.

You define a virtual object using the Virtual Object Wizard (Tools > Virtual Objects > New Virtual Object).

Virtual Objects in QTP are created to resolve the object recognition problems in QTP. When an area of an application is not recognized by QTP we use the Virtual Object Wizard to map the area to a standard Class. These virtual objects are generally used to resolve the object recognition problems. All the Virtual Objects created are stored in the Virtual Object Manager. After we have learned an object as a Virtual Object we can record on that object successfully. You can create a Virtual Object by navigating to Tools, Virtual Objects, and New Virtual Object.

What is Virtual Object Collection?

A virtual object collection is a group of virtual objects that is stored in the Virtual Object Manager under a descriptive name.

How to disable virtual Objects while recording?

In order to disable the Virtual Objects Navigate

Go to Tools-->Options--> General Tab--> Disable Recognition of virtual objects while recording

Check and uncheck this option to disable or enable virtual objects while recording.

Storage location of Virtual Objects

If you create any virtual objects automatically those objects will be stored in

“QuickTest installation folder\ dat \ VoTemplate”

Extension of virtual objects file


How to use virtual objects on different machines?

After creation of virtual objects copy QuickTest installation folder\ dat \ VoTemplate Folder to other machines on which you want to use virtual objects.

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