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QTP - What is vmodel?advantages and disadvantages of vmodel?

asked marvit August 23, 2014 12:51 AM  

What is vmodel?advantages and disadvantages of vmodel?


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answered By Dharma   0  
The V model is a modified version of the Waterfall method. As opposed to the Waterfall method, this one was not designed in a linear axis; instead the stages turn back upwards after the coding phase is done so that it makes a V shape and hence the name – V Model. It was put forth by Paul E. Brook in 1986. Let’s look at the different stages, test processes, techniques, advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Advantages of the V Model

The biggest advantage of using the V Model is that unlike the Waterfall model and the aorta life cycle method, every stage is tested.

Disadvantages of the V Model

  • It assumes that the requirements do not change.
  • The design is not authenticated.
  • The Requirements are not verified.
  • At each stage there is a potential of errors. The first testing is done after the design of modules which is very late and costs a lot.
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