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QTP - Write code fro Test cases for Traffic Signals?

asked marvit August 23, 2014 01:06 AM  

Write code fro Test cases for Traffic Signals?


1 Answers

answered By Dharma   0  
Test cases on the Traffc Signal

1- There should be three signal light (Red,Yellow,Green) also there should be provision to have a left and right arrow signal.
2- At a time only one stright and aadjacent left direction should have green signal on.
3- There should be duration of 5 second after completation of Green signal.
4- At the time of Green signal the Zebra cross signal should be red.
5- There should a provision when all the signal should be closed and only zebra crossing is allowed.
6- To make sure the visibility of the signal the height of the signal pole should be grater than 10 feet.
7- There should be provision to allow maual control if it is not a digitally controled.
8- Each and every signal should have time meter in the decreasing order.
9- There should be power backup provided to the signal.
10- The intensity of the signal light should be brighter and should not be dull.
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