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QTP - Write script for finding number of broken links in web page?

asked marvit January 12, 2015 02:30 AM  

Write script for finding number of broken links in web page?


1 Answers

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there are two ways for find the broken links in webpage

way1: using automatic page checkpoint

tools..>options.....>web advanced....> check the checkboxs labled creating the check box of webpages while recording and "broken links"

when we started the record, QTP automatically include the checkpoint for broken links in web page.

way2: by manually creating the page check point

for this we need to go for the standard check point, navigation is record....> insert....>check point....>standard check point....>place and click any where of the web page...>click ok

then one page will display with constant,links,load time like that in that below we will find broken links, check that broken links check box and after that run the above script for the check the results goto test results...>your check point

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