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SEO - How do you build links?

asked lavainfo10 November 6, 2014 11:20 PM  

How do you build links?


2 Answers

answered By erpsoftware   0  

Basically, you shall build backlink through 1. Link exchange 2. Dofollow blog posting (use your signature) 3. Dofollow blog commenting.

They will give you PR juice and improve your SERP if your backlink is quality backlink

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answered By Sandy   0  
  • Focus external link building efforts on the acquisition of editorially given links. These are links requiring human intervention and approval.
  • Build links that are relevant – on pages where the readers would have a genuine interest in your website.
  • Quality trumps quantity. A few links from high trust/authority websites will have more impact than hundreds of links from "Made for Guest Posting" blogs.
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