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SEO - What is Meta Title?

asked mar August 6, 2014 01:24 PM  

What is Meta Title?


1 Answers

answered By Sandy   0  
Meta Title :
  • Title is the most important factors for a good SEO of a webpage.
  • These tags should be located within head section.
  • These tags should tell some useful information about that page.
  • A good title tag should contain 60 characters.
  • These titles would appear on the SERP for your website along with the Meta description of that page.
  • Google won't penalize your page if it contains title with more than 60 characters and it skips the remaining characters.
  • If a web page doesn't contain title tag means Google would select the H1 tag as title or it will provide the title by its own.
  • Always write title tag for the page and not for SEO, if you stuff keywords in you title then Google won't rank your webpage.
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