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Server-2008 - Active Directory Structure?

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asked vidyadhar-59 January 23, 2012 07:43 AM  

Active Directory Structure?


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·         Logical Structure:-

·         Forest A forest is one or more trees that do not share a contiguous name space. The trees in the forest do share a common schema, configuration, and global catalog, but the trees do not share a contiguous name space. All trees in the forest trust each other through Kerberos transitive trusts. In actuality, the forest does not have a distinct name, but the trees are viewed as a hierarchy of trust relationships. The tree at the top of the hierarchy normally refers to the tree. For example,,, and form a forest with serving as the forest root.

·         Tree The hierarchy structure of the domain, organizational units, and objects is called a tree. The objects within the tree are referred to as endpoints, while the OUs in the tree structure are nodes. In terms of a physical tree, you can think of the branches as OUs or containers and the leaves as objects — an object is the natural endpoint of the node within the tree.

·         Domain Collection of network resources defined by security boundaries.

·         OU Contains objects in domain which in turn contains users, Groups, Computers.


·         Physical Structure:-

·         Sites  Collections of one or more IP subnets connected by high speed reliable permanent link.

·         Domain Controller A  unit of replication & Physical device (DC).

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