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Tableau - Define the names for parameters ,filters etc...

asked RamPrasad February 10, 2015 03:54 AM  

What names you will define for the parameters or filters ,Calculation Fields, etc....Means in Real Time Experience how you will define. Please tell few.


3 Answers

answered By sanapsachin4u   0  

Hi, this is not the coding as we use tableau for visual purpose like to represent dashboard.

but still for best dashboard view & name for parameter/filter you can give meaningful name like for selecting sheet, Name should be "Choose the sheet to display"

or filter "Select the items"

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answered By RamPrasad   0  

@MOnisha, Thanks for reply. Yhe question is not about what is parameters and filters.

The question is what name standards you will manage in your project for parameter names and filters etc....

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answered By Monisha   0  

Parameters are dynamic values that can replace constant values in calculations and can serve as filters.

Filters are used to restrict the data based on the condition u have mentioned in the filters shelf.

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