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Tableau - Difference between Grouping and Sets?

asked marvit January 6, 2015 07:50 AM  

Difference between Grouping and Sets?


3 Answers

answered By sachin-1214   0  

sets means similiar type & group may bbe other types

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answered By chari   0  

group- 1)group is catogery purpose 2) calculation field not a posible in group

sets- 1)sets is a grouping purpose based on the some condition. 2)calculation field posible in sets

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answered By Ramesshh   0  

A group is combination of dimension members that makes higher level catogory.

Ex   :if we are working with view that shows English and history may be combined to group called liberal arts. while biology and physics may be grouped as science

Sets:  sets atre custom fields that difine suset of data based on some condition

Ex: In a scator plot showing as product sales you may select the products most sales to add them to a set

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