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Tableau - How can you schedule the Reports in tableau ? explain briefly?

asked kiran-963 August 11, 2014 07:21 AM  

How can you schedule the Reports in tableau ? explain briefly?


1 Answers

answered By rajendraprasad   0  
When you publish workbooks that connect to extracts you can schedule the extracts to be
refreshed automatically. That way you don't have to republish the workbook every time the
underlying data has updated and you can still get the performance of a data extract. For
example, let's say you have a workbook that connects to a large data warehouse that is
updated weekly. Instead of publishing a workbook that queries the live data, you can create an
extract including just the data necessary. This increases performance and avoids queries to the
live database. Then you can add that workbook to a schedule so that the extract is refreshed at
regular intervals with updated data from the data warehouse.
Schedules are created and managed on the server by an administrator. However, an
administrator can allow you to add a workbook to a schedule when you are publishing from
Tableau Desktop.
1. As you are publishing a workbook, in the Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog
box, click Scheduling & Authentication.
2. In the Scheduling & Authentication dialog box, select a schedule for the workbook:
All data sources that require authentication must have an embedded password so that
the extract can be refreshed. This includes data sources that are not extracts.
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