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Tableau - How to embed an image in a worksheet?

asked sirisha October 31, 2014 03:08 AM  

How to embed an image in a worksheet?


2 Answers

answered By Prazval   0  
At the Worksheet Level, In 2 ways the images can be added 1)Using BackgroundImage Option in the Map Tab of the Menu 2)-Create a folder with all the images and paste it into the shapes folder of the tableau repository. --In the markscard,select the shape and drop the required datafield into shape ---Click on shape,open it and in the shapes palette,click on reload shapes. ----Finally tableau will displays images in the shapes palette and assign the images to the datavalues based on the requirement
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You can embed at the Dashboard level you will see Image on the left side. Drag and Drop onto your Dashboard and then embed an image and URL of your choice.

Another way: Go to documents:My Tableau Repository:Shapes:Add new folder my custom shapes: Add the shapes you require

In Tableau : In Tableau, open the Edit Shape dialog box.

Choose the new custom palette in the drop-down list in the upper right of the dialog box. If you modified the shapes while Tableau was running, you may need to click the Reload Shapes button so the new shapes are available in the dialog box.

You can either assign members shapes one at a time, or click the Assign Palette button to automatically assign the shapes to the members.

You can return to the default palette at anytime by clicking the Reset button. If you open a workbook that uses custom shapes that you don’t have, the workbook will show the custom shapes. However, you can click the Reload Shapes button in the Edit Shapes dialog box to use the ones in your repository instead.

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