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Tableau - how we will get three pie charts in a row

asked venkatesh April 9, 2015 04:33 AM  

hi.. how we will get three pie charts in a row that department in one pie ,regions in pie and products in one pie chart.. regards, venkatesh.


2 Answers

answered By Jvh Babu   0  
This answer is pending moderator approval Hi Venkatesh,

1) Create a calculated field with the value 0
2) Create Pie chart (based on the user specified Fields)
3) Place the calculated filed in to Column Shelf (3 instances)

if you need some more clarification about this please feel free to call me..

JVH Technologis,
JVH Babu

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answered By kishore542   0  
This answer is pending moderator approval Simply create the Donut chart by creating the calculating field as and apply the condition 0. Then simply drag the Donut by 3 times.
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answered By RajeshG   0  

Better to create 3 individual pie charts and keep them in an order by floating or Tiled in dashboard.

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answered By sandeeprwt   0  
create dash board with three  pi chart.( each for department ,regions  and product.)

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