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Tableau - Report title

asked RamPrasad February 11, 2015 11:37 AM  

How can we display Parametr value in part of a Report title. For example if we select 'East' in the region parameter in work sheet it should display 'East Region sales' if we select west ' West sales Report'.


4 Answers

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Right click title and select edit, go to insert option. Select parameter set you have created.

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Scenario: if u select East then display Central

First create the parameter name: xxx if u want to apply the particular name ex:East, select the options .ALL .LIST .Range u go for List.


creating a calculated field name: xyz IF(xxx)=="ALL" then Central else if (xxx)= [east] then Central end

IF uany mistake then reply me.....

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answered By sanapsachin4u   0  

you can created calculate fileld & use in report title

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answered By Monisha   0  

< Parameters.Paramv> Region Sales enter the above in your Report title where Paramv is your parameter name.

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