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Tableau - Scenario :

asked sirisha November 18, 2014 10:53 AM  

lets say we have dimensions employee name and company name. If the employee 'ABC' has worked in 5 five companies, the database contains all the records of five companies.When we drag employee name and company name on to the report, all the companies under the employee 'ABC' will be listed.But the employee name will be displayed only once. How do we display employee name against each and every company that the employee has worked (the employee name should be displayed five times in this case).


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Drag employee name and company in row shelf. Create a calculated field index() and convert it into discrete, drag the calculated field in the row shelf before the employee name and then right click on calculated field and uncheck show header.... you can get desired output.

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You can do this by creating duplicate of Employee name(right click on them in the data window and select Duplicate). Then, place the duplicate of Employee name on the rows shelf. Then, place the original field to the right of them on the rows shelf. Right click on the duplicate of employee name and un-check Show Header.

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Create a Parameter for Employee Name and Drag the created parameter to row shelf.

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