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Tableau - Tableau interview questions?

asked Joseph March 1, 2015 03:19 AM  

1. What is the difference between filter and parameter? 2. What are the different types of Actions? 3. What is architecture of tableau? 4. What are the different security levels? 5. What is data modelling? 6. How to display lable of a country in map when it selected? 7. There are is map and quick filters if we select one country in map it should get selected in quick filter. how to do same? 8. How to display top 5 and last 5 in same view? 9. Can we use parameters in filters? 10. What kind of reports you prepare? 11. What are diffrent types of connecting data? 12. How to refresh data extracts? 13. what is rightback? 14. If we connect live will it refresh automatically or do we need to refresh manually? 15. What is difference between discrete and continuous? 16. What is crasstab? 17. What do you mean by interactive dashboards? 18. What is dashboard life cycle? 19. What are the limitations of tableau public? 20. What is difference between tableau public and desktop? 21. What are different products of tableau? 22. what is the use of tableau reader? 23. How to reduce complexity of calculated field? 24. What kind of functions you used? 25. What to do if we don't have latitude and longitude of a location? 26. What type of data connections you used?


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answered By preet singh   0  
4.) Tableau is a client and server based N-Tier architecture.

1) parameters are dynamic values used to replace the constant values where as filters are static values.
we can create calculated fields on parameters but not on filters.

2) different types of actions : filters, URL and highlights

9) yes we can use parameters in filters

11) different types of connecting data : excel,access,text file 
on server based : oracle,mysql,salesforce,teradata, hp vertica

16) crosstab is nothing but building view or displaying the data in text form

18) Dashboard is a collection of various worksheets and supporting information showing in a single place. So u you can compare and monitor variety of data simultaneously.
dashboard can be created in a same way as we create a new worksheet. click the new dashboard tab along with the bottom of the the workbook
select dashboard>new dashboard

20) difference between tableau desktop and public
tableau desktop is a business intelligence software/tool that the company used to analyze structured data, create dashboards, beautiful views

tableau public is free online version of software/tool to deliver on demand data visualization that can be incorporated on world wide web.

21) different products of tableau
      tableau desktop

22) Tableau reader - is a free viewing application that lets anyone read and interact with packaged workbook .twbx.

25) if we don't have the lat and long of a location . You must check the type of the data in the data window .
For eg If it is state, city ,country right click on either of one and click the geographic role and select the appropriate one . It will automatically change the state, city or country and will show the lat nd long in the measures section of the data window.

26) check answer number 11

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