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Tableau - What is context filter?

asked marvit September 22, 2014 07:21 PM  

What is context filter?


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Context Filter not only filter data but also create temporary table that contains only filtered data For this reason they execute more slowly than a normal filter. Context filters are denoted by a gray-colored pill. They can be useful if you want to work with a subset to achieve a particular result. Don't use a context filter if you plan to alter the filter frequently.

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answered By Ramesshh   0  
If you are applying filters to a large data source, you can improve performance by setting up context filters. A context filter is applied to the data source first, and then the other filters are applied only to the resulting records. This sequence avoids applying each filter to each record in the data source.

You may create a context filter to:

  • Improve performance – If you set a lot of filters or have a large data source, the queries can be slow. You can set one or more context filters to improve performance.
  • Create a dependent numerical or top N filter – You can set a context filter to include only the data of interest, and then set a numerical or a top N filter.
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