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Tableau - What is Dual Axis?

asked marvit December 26, 2014 03:48 AM  

What is Dual Axis?


3 Answers

answered By Ramesshh   0  
You can compare multiple measures using dual axes, which are two independent axes that are layered on top of each other. Dual axes are useful when you have two measures that have different scales.

For example, the view below shows Dow Jones and NASDAQ close values over time.

To add the measure as dual axis drag the field to the right side of the view and drop it when you see a black dashed line. You can also select Dual Axis on the field menu for the measure.


The two axes are independent scales but the marks are layered in the same pane.

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answered By Sowmya   0  

Two axis which are formed when the second measure is dragged on to the right side of the view. provides us 3 marks (one for each measure and other common one) to implement further manipulations

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answered By chari   0  

we can compare two measures of a single worksheet using dual axes diminsion-year measure-sales,profit...right click on the profit select dual axes..

reght click on the worksheet and select synchronize axes

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