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Tableau - What is oltp and olap?

asked Ramesshh November 1, 2014 10:07 AM  

What is oltp and olap?


1 Answers

answered By krishna-1064   0  

OLTP(ONLINT TRANSACTION PROCESS): 1.OLTP contain only current or live data 2.we can use oltp to analyse business 3.oltp contai limited history(1month,2month,3months) 4.oltp contain normalize data 5.used to run business 6.application oriented data 7.Detail data OLAP(ONLINE ANALYTICAL PROCESS)nothing but warehiusing: 1.OLAP contain unlimited history(8years.10years) 2.we can use olap date to take decisions on users 3.Olap contain denormalized data 4.Olap contai historical data 5.used to analyze business 6.ssubject oriented data 7.summarized data

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