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Tableau - what is parameter in Tableau ? And how it works.?

asked Bhanu February 4, 2015 02:02 PM  

what is parameter in Tableau ? And how it works.?


4 Answers

answered By Monisha   0  

Parameters can be used in filters for dynamic data values entered by the users. Say example you have some data and you want user input to enter the dat of which they want to filter, you can use the parameter to display user required value as to have run time input from users.

Parameters can be of List or range or any data with different data types like Numeric ,Date ,String ,integer,float or datetime.

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answered By   0  


Parameters can be used as Numeric ,Date ,String ,integer,float or datetime etc.

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answered By   0  

Hi Bhanu,

As of my knowledge the parameters will help many situations.

Example : If you are working with 2 or more data sources, then if you want filter the data by using filter parameters will help you.

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answered By sachin-1214   0  

Parameters are dynamic values that can replace constant values in calculations and can serve as filters

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