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Tableau - What is performance in tableau? How will you increase performance?

asked Ramesshh November 3, 2014 01:01 AM  

What is performance in tableau? How will you increase performance?


3 Answers

answered By Prazval   0  

In the performance perspective One of the important things to understand is that Tableau is only as fast as your data source. So if your data source responds slowly to queries, then Tableau must wait for the data source before displaying results. As a best practice, use Tableau with databases that are suitable for real-time querying and analysis. Performance Tips:- 1)Use live connection for high performance databases and extracts for large files 2)Create Indexes for RDBMS tables. 3)Apply filters first 4)limit the dashboard to answer only one scenario 5)Avoid generating too many panes 6)Turnoff automatic updates 7)If it is multidimensional datasource avoid applying sorting if it contains large level of hierarchy 8)Try to avoid applying filters on the measures 9)Allow performance recording

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answered By Ramesshh   0  
Thanking you for giving information evan
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answered By Evan   0  

To keep your Tableau ecosystem healthy and running smoothly, it is require to monitor the consumption and utilization of system resources. You can use Performance Monitor, a standard tool installed with Windows operating systems which is to capture data about the utilization of system resources.Here’s some tricks of the trade to quickly improve the performance 1)When to choose extracts over live connections 2)Eliminate unneeded data,3)Use floating worksheets4) Great UX 4)engaged users.

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