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Tableau - what is the way you can get the metadata by using that extact?

asked vamsi-1247 April 10, 2015 07:49 AM  

what is the way you can get the metadata by using that extact?


2 Answers

answered By prasadjns   0  
We will get the extract part from tableau desktop selected database it will ask source connection credentials then it will show left side server, database,tables and right side up connection,filters and down join area, once you drag any table in join area data will populate in down side

in connections if you select the extract option then it will save as .TDE extension the primary .tde only work as a extract report. if you want to refresh every time edit extract and select incremental refresh and one field reference then automatically it will get refresh for every update. 
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I assume your question is on how to use the tableau data extract as an data source to your report. If so,you can get the metadata from an extract by importing the .tde file in to your data window and then use it for your querying.

Did i answer your question .. If not could you describe more about your question.

Thanks, Giridhar

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