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Tableau - Why should you use tableau?

asked SRVMTrainings November 21, 2014 09:29 AM  

Why should you use tableau?


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We can create the reports in visualization.With the help of visualization we can easily analysis the data. The performance of the Tableau is ten time faster than any other BI tool. We can create repots or workbooks even in offline(when server is down).With the help of TDE (tableau data engine ) is a powerful free space database. When The server is down TDE creates snapshot from data source and make local copy into the Repository(Data source). Tableau public is used to share the data within the organization. Tableau desktop can connect to different data sources like text files, excel sheets,oracle or even onlne data like sales force ,google analytics ,gmail.

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answered By lovely   0  

Tableau has been developed and designed with the end user in mind. In other words you don’t have to be an IT specialist to work with data. Like most software, Tableau Public can be of most benefit once you’ve grasped the core principles. Applying sound principles enables better and faster analysis and ultimately leads you to create a better visualisation. One core principle relates to the format of your dataset.

The first step towards exploring your data with Tableau is taken by looking at how the data is shaped. If an Excel file is already formatted as a cross tabulation, is aggregated, or contains comments and notes, the ability to visualise, aggregate or group would be limited. There are some fundamental concepts about data in Excel which should be understood to best use Tableau. Formatting of data is one of the most important.

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answered By SRVMTrainings   0  
There are many reasons why one should use tableau they are 
It is very easy to use: 
You don’t need to know programming of any sort, all you need is some data and tableau to 
create reports that are visually enchanting and which tells a story which you need to tell ur 
managers or impress your professor in class. 
With its revolutionary drag and drop feature u can easily create stories or reports using just 
your mouse and a little imagination. All this is possible due to the revolutionary VizQL a visual 
query language 
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