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Teradata - Difference between Teradata V2R5 and Teradata V12 versions?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:37 AM  

Difference between Teradata V2R5 and Teradata V12 versions?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  
 1. Stored Procedure Enhancements
    a. Retrieval of one or more results set from a stored procedure.
2. Error Tables Added with external syntax.
3. TERADATA 12 Provides complex error handling capabilities and conjunction with a MERGE INTO   (or) INSERT SELECT statements accomplished

V2R5 New Features

 1. Added Identity column features to implement Primary key and Unique key concepts.
 2. Statistics can be collected on
 a. Multiple Non Indexed columns of a table
 b. Using sampling data from a table.
 3.Partition Primary Indexed Added and types described.
 4. Materialized View concept provided through
   a. Partially covered join Index.
   b. Sparse Join Index.
5. Stored procedure features like
  a. Implementing Cursors using declare cursor statements
  b. Altering a Procedure Using Nested computed statements.
  c. FETCH to get the rows one by one sequentially.
  d. Get help information on Stored Procedure and Attributes etc.
6. Multi Column Compression for Table Columns.
7. Setting the default DATEFORM form Options.
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