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Teradata - What is Teradata - Permanent Space VS Temporary Space VS Spool Space ?

asked vishnoiprem August 17, 2014 03:47 AM  

What is Teradata - Permanent Space VS Temporary Space VS Spool Space ?


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Three kinds of Space(s) in Teradata database:
  • Permanent Space
  • Spool Space
  • Temporary Space
Permanent space:
As the name suggests, perm space is the space which is allocated to define the maximum limit for all databases. It is used to hold all the data of the databases. This space isn’t pre-allocated.

Perm space is used for database object (tables, indexes etc) creation and to hold their data.

Spool space: is used to hold data for Intermediate Query results and active upto the current session only.
Spool space is same as that of the root, unless specified.

TERADATA Spool Space is unused Perm Space that it used for running queries. Spool Space is used
to hold intermediate rows during processing, and to hold the rows in the answer set of a transaction.

TERADATA recommends 20% of the available perm space is allocated for Spool space but various
across applications.

In the majority of cases, well written SQL queries should not use huge amounts of spool space. A
poor choice of join column, product join and lack of statistics are the main reason of excessive spool
space consumption. Each user can be set a spool space limit. In later version of TERADATA, this is
often set in the user’s profile.
Insufficient spool error is usually the result of poor table design, poor data distribution, or a poorly
written query. Running out of Spool Space will give the user an error code 2646.

Temporary Space: is the amount of space which can be used to create temporary tables - either volatile tables or global temporary tables. Data is active up to the current session only. Tables created in Temp Space will survive a restart. Temp Space is permanent space currently not used.

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