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TSM - Basic AIX CMDs used for TSM maintenance ?

asked mar August 2, 2014 09:59 PM  

Basic AIX CMDs used for TSM maintenance ?


1 Answers

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lsdev -Cc tape--Available tape devices on the servers 
lscfg -vpl rmt*--Detailed information of tape drives 
lscfg -vpl smc*--Detailed information of Tape Library Media changer 
ps -ef |grep dsmserv--To check if TSM server is running or not

errpt or errpt -a |pg or errpt -a |more --hardware errors 

lslpp -l --Installed Software 
lslpp -l |grep Atape--Atape Drivers Version 

oslevel   or oslevel --Os Version

ifconfig -a --IP Address 
prtconf |pg --Complete information of the system

Volume Group Information:
lsvg vgname 
lsvg -l vgname

Cfgmgr -used to detect new devices configured 
rmdev -dl rm* --To delete device from Os level

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