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TSM - Difference b/w TSM 5.5 and TSM 6.X?

asked vidyadhar-59 January 13, 2012 07:01 AM  

Difference b/w TSM 5.5 and TSM 6.X?


1 Answers

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TSM 5.5 TSM 6.X

1)it\'s using SQL Database 1) it\'s Using IBM own Database(like DB2,DBA)

2) Max DB Size  530Gb 2) Max DB Size 2TB

3)There is no Deduplication 3) Inbuilt Deduplication

NOTE:- Deduplication meance:- Elemenates the Duplicate Records.

4) Two log Modes:- 4) One log mode:-
    a) Normal Mode a) Rollforward
    b) Rollforward 
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