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TSM - Do you work on Aix? how to install TSM in Aix?

asked vidyadhar-59 November 25, 2013 01:23 PM  

Do you work on Aix? how to install TSM in Aix?


3 Answers

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1)Copy All required binaries to backup server
2)install the IBM tape utility
3)install the RPM files one by one
  rpm-ivh (file names which are required)
4)then install the tape drives
5)install the ibm tsm server binaries

Then setup for configuration

make a directory (then copy the dsmserv.opt)
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answered By pandit   0  
Yes.And simtty install the command to call installer.Provide the exact path and proceed with the installtion.

Read instructions carefully.
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answered By markalbizri   0  
Yes I do.

Installing TSM on AIX can be done using command line installation or AIX SMITTY utility  

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