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TSM - How do you resolve the issue if log reaches to 95%?

asked sagar-33 June 13, 2013 04:47 AM  

How do you resolve the issue if log reaches to 95%?


3 Answers

answered By kocherlakota   0  
log reaches 95%:

first i issue the cmd 1 log f=d

suppose if there is any space available , extend the log size 

extend db f=size(mb)

then take dbbackup

suppose if there is no space check the show logpinned cmd which session is pinning the recovrylog

cancel the session by using cancel session session no

if recoverylog goes to 100% then halt the tsm server
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answered By   0  
if log reaches 95 % we will issue the

cmd :-   show logpinning 

it specifies the most pinng log session ,first cancel that session ,if it not shws any log pinning then cancel all server processes such as migration ,expiration ,reclamation etc do not cancel the db backup it is very critical.

even though it nt decreased then extend the log volume and iyt will comes to normal...after that see the cause for log reaching 95 % and resolve it...
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the log reaches 70% the admin should take the database backup to avoid the server crash due to recovery log getting filled

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