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TSM - How to configure the library?Give steps?

asked vidyadhar-59 August 11, 2013 02:46 AM  

How to configure the library?Give steps?


2 Answers

answered By kocherlakota   0  
first we need to install the device drives for library

then we need to define library, define path for library , define drive and define path for drive

define devclass

define stgpool
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answered By ajaykumar   0  
first define library define lib libraryname libtype=scsi shared=yes or no (by default No) define path of the library define path sourcename srctype=server destination=library define drive define drive libraryname drivename serial=autodlted element=autodlt online=yes define drive path define path sourcename destination srctype=server drivetype=drive librarylbname dev=devname online=yes define device class define devcclass tape_3583 devtype=3583 lib=libname define storage pool define stg tapepool tape_3583 pooltype=primary maxscrach=99999
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