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TSM - plese give me answer..

asked narasimharao November 25, 2013 01:16 PM  

plese give me answer..


2 Answers

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1) First Define the library in tsm server
# Define library Library Name
2)Define Path for Library
# Define path <tsm server name> <library name> srctype=server desttype=library device=Library name

3)Define the drive for library

4)Define Path for drive

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1. Define Tape Library in the TSM Server.
    Define Library Libraryname Librarytype

2. Define path between TSM Server and Tape Library.
    Define path servername libraryname source type=server Destination type=Library

3. Define Drive in the TSM Server.
    Define Drive LIbraryname drivename

4. Define path between TSM Server and Tape Drive.
    Define path servername drivename sourcetype=server desttype=drive librarty=libraryname         device=devicename
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