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TSM - What are the causes for drive offline,how will you resolve the issue?

asked sagar-33 July 24, 2013 10:49 AM  

What are the causes for drive offline,how will you resolve the issue?


3 Answers

answered By kocherlakota   0  
if the drive goes to offline, first we need to identify why the drive goes to offlline by using the cmd

q actlog s=devicename begind=-1

first we need to update the drive

update drive libraryname drivename online=yes

even the drive is in offline we need to identify if there is any serial number mismatch

q drive driename f=d by this cmd we get the drie serialno

then quit from the tsm server.from oslevel we need to type this cmd

lscfg-vlrmt* here we get the serial number of all drives

if there is any mismatch update the drive with serial number

update drive library name drive name serial number=serial no of drive(here we need to mention the serial number of drive of oslevel)

even the drive is in offline

delete path and delete drive

define drive and define path

then reboot the library means power on and off

even the drive goes to offline, we need to raise a CE call

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answered By   0  

if tape drive is showing off line may tape drive drivers has not installed properly or the connectivity between server and tape drive is break
to resolve  it first check the device manager of the server and check the properties of drive and it must show the name vendor in Properties
also the connectivity between drives and server (HBA cards and SCSI)
do the drive cleaning by cleacining cartridges
Update the online parameter of drive to yes
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answered By sagar-33   0  
Drive shows offline whenever tape is struck into the drive and if drive cleaning is required. solve the issue and update drive and drive path
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