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TSM - What are the reasons for failed backups?

asked sagar-33 November 25, 2013 01:33 PM  

What are the reasons for failed backups?


3 Answers

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1) Lack of scratch
2)tcp / ip issue
3)Files are in use
4)files not found
5)presched command failed (TBMR)
6)library is down
7)insufficient disk pool
8)vss issue
9) requested path is not found
10)admin may cancel the SE
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answered By kocherlakota   0  
1. vss issue

2. disk storage pool is full

3. no scratch volumes

4.authentication failure

5.insufficient memory

6. tcp/ip connection failure
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answered By sagar-33   0  
1.VSS writer failures 2.insufficient memory resourse 3.tcp/ip connection failure 4.if destination pool is not defined 5.lack of space in destination pool 6.slow internet connections 7.Authentication failures
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