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TSM - What is Move node data command ?

asked mar February 9, 2015 02:06 AM  

What is Move node data command ?


2 Answers

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move node data node_name from stg= tostg=

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Use this command to move data located in a sequential-access storage pool.
You can move data for one or more nodes or for a group of collocated nodes.
You can also move selected file spaces for a single node. The data can be
located in a primary storage pool, a copy storage pool, or an active-data
pool.This command is helpful for reducing the number of volume mounts during
client restore or retrieve operations by consolidating data for a specific
node within a storage pool, or to move data to another storage pool. For
example, you can use this command for moving data to a random-access storage
pool in preparation for client restore processing.
MOVe NODEdata  node_name FROMstgpool=source_pool_name TOstgpool=destination_pool_name
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