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TSM - What is TSM Versioning?

asked mar February 9, 2015 01:47 AM  

What is TSM Versioning?


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versioning is nothing but maintaing different backup copies

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TSM Copy group parameters

Version exit  -  How many backup versions need to maintain
Eg - version exit  -  5

5 backup version will be available and the last modified file will be active. rest 4 older version will be inactive.

Version delete - how many inactive backup versions need to maintain after client data deleted.
Eg - version delete -3
After client data deleted, only 3 inactive files will be maintained by TSM server.

Retention extra - Doesn't matter client file alive or deleted from client end.
How many days need to retain inactive files from server.
Retention Only  - No.of days need to maintain the last modified file after client data deleted.
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