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WinRunner - How to insert check points? What is the gui check point?

asked mar August 10, 2014 02:16 AM  

How to insert check points? What is the gui check point?


1 Answers

answered By shyam   0  
To insert checkpoints in winrunner the below steps are used
Create->Insert function->Function Generator-> (Function name:Invoke_application; File :Flight 1a)
Click on ’paste’ and click on ’execute’ & close the window.
Create->Record Context sensitive.
Do some operations & stop recording.
Create->GUI Check Point->For Multiple Object.
Click on some button whose property to be checked.
Click on Add button.
Click on few objects & Right click to quit.
Select each object & select corresponding properties to be checked for that object: click ‘OK’.
Run->Run from Top. It displays the results.

GUI checkpoint is nothing but it compares the properties of the object with respect to three ways:
 for single property
 for object / window
 for screen area bitmap
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