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WinRunner - What is meant by build release note? What it contains?

asked mar August 10, 2014 03:10 AM  

What is meant by build release note? What it contains?


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    Build Release notes are documents that are distributed with software products, often when the product is still in the development or test state (e.g., a beta release). For products that have already been in use by clients, the release note is a supplementary document that is delivered to the customer when a bug is fixed or an enhancement is made to the product.
It contains some of these following sections :
Header – Document Name (i.e. Release Notes), product name, release number, release date, note date, note version, etc.
Overview - A brief overview of the product and changes, in the absence of other formal documentation.
Purpose - A brief overview of the purpose of the release note with a listing of what is new in this release, including bug fixes and new features.
Issue Summary - A short description of the bug or the enhancement in the release.
Steps to Reproduce - The steps that were followed when the bug was encountered.
Resolution - A short description of the modification/enhancement that was made to fix the bug.
End-User Impact - What different actions are needed by the end-users of the application. This should include whether other functionality is impacted by these changes.
Support Impacts - Changes required in the daily process of administering the software.
Notes - Notes about software or hardware installation, upgrades and product documentation (including documentation updates)
Disclaimers - Company and standard product related messages. e.g.; freeware, anti-piracy, duplication etc.. See also Disclaimer.
Contact - Support contact information.
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