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WinRunner - What is the win runner framework or architecture?

asked mar August 10, 2014 02:40 AM  

What is the win runner framework or architecture?


1 Answers

answered By shyam   0  
WinRunner Architecture there are 3 stages:
WinRunner: It contains the test script allows to execute the operations on the application objects to perform a navigation flow or to verify an object property or its value or reports an output or performs parametrization.
GUI Map : It is internal component of WinRunner contains a list of application objects to be verify. it works like as an interface between application and test script. It displays the object of the application in Hierarchal l architecture by showing its represent icon along with its physical description (logical name,class name) and also list of properties.
Application: Application under testing contains the objects and operation to be verify.

winrunner architecture
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